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We believe in a transparent and sustainable future for all. Our marketplace platform and powerful digital tools foster buyer confidence and empower ethical producers. We are Powered by People.

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The future of commerce is ethical.

Retail is changing. Consumers are demanding distinct, ethical products with origin transparency, yet highly skilled producers in low-income countries lack access to markets, tools and financing. We are on a mission for change.

The Opportunity

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Pulling back the curtain on the product journey.

Transparency is the driver toward a more ethical, sustainable future. We are building tools using emerging technology, designed to be easy, secure and intuitive.

PBP Mobile Production Tool

Planning, Production, Payments. Input, track and analyze from any device. Learn about our mobile production and Trace tools.

PBP Trace Tool

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Off the beaten path just got a lot closer.

Our online marketplace platform brings international buyers together with skilled, quality producers. We are using the latest technology to make trade easy, secure and error-free. Discover a whole new world of products and sources.

PBP Marketplace


A force for sustainable good.

Handmade production is often informal, making access to financing difficult. We offer cash advances against sales orders. Fast and direct payments tracked on your smartphone. Manage cash flow and grow your business.

PBP Financing