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The world is ready.


Retail is changing. Consumers are demanding distinct, ethical, beautiful products and are rewarding value driven brands who produce them.



While 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, a full 73% of Millennials are.

91% of consumers say they would switch brands that align to their values.

70% of consumers say they are more interested in a products origins, than the company who produced it.
— Neilson Global survey 2015 / CGF Futtera Expert Survey 2018

The Sector Opportunity

The $52B handmade sector is growing yet highly skilled producers in developing world still lack access to markets, and financing.

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Unique skilled labour

High quality, distinct, inherited artisan skills. A vast, ready and willing working population including younger generations who increasingly see the value in the sector.

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Mobile penetration

80% mobile phone penetration is formalizing a distributed workforce. A metal worker’s wages rose 2.5x after joining SOKO’s mobile network across Nairobi.

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2nd Largest employer

Despite being the 2nd largest employer in low income countries behind agriculture, the craft sector received 0.3% of all impact investing as per the last GIIN report. 

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Need for access

“Trade shows are mainly cosmetic – we need an in-depth look into the handmade sector and the impact it makes.” Julie Nixon, SWIFT

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Need for transparency

“It would be a big advantage to use technology to document full supply chain visibility to buyers.” Kathleen Holland, Trade + Impact

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Need for financing

“Our cash flow is difficult to manage because we pay our artisan producers in advance of product production.” Whitney Gantt, The Citizenry

At Powered by People, we are building digital tools with cutting edge technology to empower an effective handmade sector in emerging markets to play a mainstream role in the global economy. We enable buyer confidence and producer trust.


Buyer Confidence.

Distinct products from ethical sources.

Easy, error-free transactions.

Supply chain transparency.

Product provenance storytelling.

UN Sustainable Development impact dashboard.

PBP Marketplace

PBP Trace Tool


Producer Trust.

Connect to international markets.

Product marketplace showcase.

Access to financing and collateral building.

Mobile production optimization tools.

Business intelligence and data analytics.

PBP Mobile Production Tool

PBP Producer Financing